Simple Elephant

I’ve been playing around with a simpler style (like I’m not simple enough, I know I know). Anyway, I’m diggin’ it, it’d be fun to do a whole story in this style sometime.

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heheh- digging this direction!

i like it. you have a gift for story and character with minimal shapes. Good design. I love his short legs.

what if you applied your paper texture to these simple shapes? or an actual gigantic really 1/4″ thick brush stroke?, maybe not… just thinking. It may be that any deviation may wreck the subtle balance and playfulness you have here.

JP, thanks man! I just tromped through your blog, really nice stuff going on.

Doug, thanks! I like your thinkin’ my friend. I am going to try that on the next one.

I think elephants must evolve to square shapes.
it wouldn’t work properly on the real world, but it would look so freakin’awesome. like this pic.
square L-fants. Yeah…

I loves me some elephants.

Without the sharpie lines it feels so naked- so scandalous!

I agree with Doug- it’s cool, but it needs texture, if only to imply something insidious.

Dude, this is really cool. I love the colors and the look.

i’d love to see you draw a comic like this.

Bruna, Square L-fants! That would make an awesome name for a band.

Tyson, you and me both buddy.

Keith, are you accusing my drawings of streaking? I’ll try some texturizin’ on the next elephant.

Joshwick, thanks bucko!

Mike, now there’s an idea. Hmmmm.

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