This elephant is on his way out.

That’s right he’s leafing. Anyway, I’m still trying out some variations on things. It’s good for you. Let’s you know you’re alive. Click on MORE for a little bit o’ making of stuff.

It all started with this leaf that Merrill and I found on one of our leaf hunts. Other than the elephant’s hat, he’s all made out of this leaf. Well, I guess his eyes and tusks are made out of a different leaf too. But by volume, he’s mostly this leaf.


First I started making some alpha masks in the shape of the elephant’s different shapes.


Here’s some masks for his eyes, trunk and feet.


Then I used those to mask out the leaf. I had a diffent layer for each shape.


Here he is with his hat and eyes, etc.


And finally, here’s a close up of the final product. I added a touch of drop shadow to each shape, and a little bit of highlight to the edges too.

Blog Comments

Hehe- awesome.

ahh, that whole big thing was a punny joke. I appreciated it. 🙂

Hey thanks JP!

Liz, thanks for leafing a comment.

way cool.

Wow, love the texture. I like your simple elephant as well.

HE IS LEAFING!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!! priceless!
great texture to a great elephant! 🙂

Dude, that top elephant is so freakin’ cool! That is definitely one of your best pieces, in my humble opinion.

I love that you are always trying out new techniques and ideas. Nice job buddy boy.

Dug, thanks buddy.

Tim, thanks! Texture is as texture does I guess. Yeah, I want to do some simplies.

Bruna, ha, I knew you’d appreciate that.

Joshwick, Thanks man. Your opinion may be humble, but it means a lot to me.

Thanks Jimbo!

i like he’s hat,i like elephant!your drawing is glamour!~

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