Triple E. and the Paper Elephant

Bowing to peer pressure once again, I’ve posted 3 elephants in a row. 

Just messing around with techniques again on this one. This is all based on a piece of paper with a big prune juice stain on it. Yeah, I just took some prune juice, poured it on a piece of paper, folded up the paper, stomped on it for awhile, let it dry out, and scanned it.  Anyway, here’s a zoom in on part of the illustration.

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Yes! The prune juice paper! And a well deserved illustration to be used for it! I love the circular edge around the elephant, I don’t think I’ve seen that done before.

You know what we should have done before the prune juice bottle pressurized? We should have poured a bit of it out on paper to stain that. That would have been an interesting stain.

This one is my personal fave

Jimi, we should have exploded the prune juice bottle onto a big huge sheet of paper. Now that would have been a work of art.

Cole, thanks buddy!

Yep, Bryan, you always were one to follow the herd.
As for exploding Prune juice, do you suppose it’s reactive with Circus peanuts and yoohoo, or do you need to explore other reagents.

I’m not positive what the secret ingredients were this time, although I suspect the Funyuns.

Ohhh, so THAT’S why they invented prune juice. I always thought its job was merely to help us old codgers be a little less cranky. I wonder what sort of miracles you can work with bran flakes…

Nice ‘phants, btw 🙂

control yourself.

Bryan – you rock the pachyderms. Love it.

Dan, hmmm, a bran flake elephant. Hmmm.

Mike, now that it’s started, I’m not sure I can stop the train.

Tyson, me and the pachys thank you.

Oops, so I commented on your last elephant, but this is the one I adore. I mean, both of them are cool of course, but this one rocks.

I always new your art was fortified with nutritional value.

I love this guys shape. He would make a great vinyl toy. I’d love to see him worked up in 3D.

that’s really really cool. it looks like the ink was pressed into the paper or something.
also, i think you should make some art with the greasy paper from the gallery and the other experiments.

Joshwick, Thank you sir! May I call you sir?

Jim, I was thinking of making a 3d version of him. Now I think I shall.

Colleen, greasy paper art. Experimental food gallery art. I’m johnny-onnit.

love the stained paper. such a good result. And kudos to whomever suggested a 3d version… a must. You show that the exploration is the true reward. A teacher to the very end.

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