some in-progress glasses

Just playing around with modeling myself some new glasses. I really need to add some eyeballs everywhere (I always say that).  Make sure you click on the images for some fun time zoomage. Also scroll down for some rotational vid action.

Breadwig Glasses from Bread Wig on Vimeo.

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I really like the glassy look a lot. it has some air of mystery about it that can only be contained in the name Bryan Ballinger…..or Butterbean….. Good choice with music, too. Very cool. Cello?

Thanks Cole, the music is Tony Levin playing a stand-up bass I believe.

Man, those are the shiznit! Those would be the coolest glasses known to man. I still want to see a floating orb, though. Or floating head. You know, whichever strikes your fancy. It could change to a different faculty member every five minutes.

Jimi, I was thinking they could make a great bottle opener too. I’ve always wanted to open bottles with my forehead.

Can I get those at Lenscrafters? That would be cool.

Tyson, ha! That’ll be the day. 🙂

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