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I got invited to participate in an illustration exhibition at the Odori Museum in Sapporo Japan. I’m pretty excited. Looks like I’ll have three poster illustrations at the show which runs the second week of December. The theme of the show is fictional advertising posters, so I made one using my very relaxed Tarzan character. I’m posting an alternate version here (if you want to see the final version you’ll have to go to the show. 🙂  Click MORE to see a close up crop of the illustration.



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That`s awesome! So, are you going to Japan?

I wish I could! Someday maybe. They’re going to send me pictures of the exhibition once it’s up, I’ll post those when I get them.

Chilled. What’s Nazrat? I don’t live too far from ‘Natzrat’- (nazareth) -A decidely less chilled place at the moment. Good restaurants though.

Hey JP, Nazrat is kind of a “backwards” place. *hint* *hint*.

Congrats on the show!

wow, good job…didn’t like the hair on the original? oh, and nice crotch close-up?

OMG! Expo at JAPAN!!! AWESOME!!!!! your posters will ROCK there!!

Tyson, thanks dude. Hey, I was listening to High Tension wires yesterday!

Jeremy, actually I sent the one with the hairdoo for the show. But for some reason the bald version is funny to me.

Bruna, ha, we’ll see! The pictures I saw from last year’s show were amazing. Really cool stuff.

Oh. *forehead slap*

I hope you weren’t holding an ice cream cone.

when is the show? and where is sapporo in relation to tokyo?

The show runs the second week of December. Sapporo is about 4 hours north of Tokyo. If you go, you better take some pictures for me!

wow! that’s really cool news, bryan!

I like Baldi-zan too.

i like the character (and that’s the best close up of a loin cloth i’ve seen all month) but the trees in background seem heavy. instead of all your light coming from the front, and making the three tree layers cast shadows on each other, how about a secondary light source above the tree layers (like the sun!) so you have light to medium gradients on the layers in the background. That might make it more dynamic. Just a thought.

Congrats on the show!

SeaKay, thanks buddy. Some good thoughts, if I get the time to revisit, I’ll try some lighting revisions.

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