Elephant Tea

I started modeling and texturing a 3d elephant to help teach myself some of the new tools in the new version of Maya, and then, my brilliant wife said, hey, you should make that into a teapot. So I did!

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what new tools were you playing with?

I do say, that’s a stellar texture.

The new poly modeling tools, and the new UV mapping tools. Both are quite nice, although UV mapping is still far from painless.

I also was trying to get used to the new render settings layout, the new render passes configuration, and the new mental ray stuff. Yikes.

Orie, thanks! I was trying for a weathered ceramic kind of thing.

Super Tasty!

I can actually imagine that teapot sitting on the shelf at a modern art museum’s gift shop. Cool!

I would use this as a tea pot everyday. Heck, I would drink right out of his nose just for the effect.

Yance, thanks bucko.

Brian, now that would be rokken dokken!

Doug, you know it whistles when you drink out of the nose.

Talk about bad to the ass. I only wonder….does one drink prune juice from this creation?

Only if it’s properly aged.

OMG!!! LMAO!!! Now I would DEFINITLY drink right out of his nose JUST to hear the whistle!!!!!! XD
What a creative family!!!

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