Dido 2008 Exhibit pics!

Hey, the Dido Fictional Advertising Poster Exhibition is running now at the Odori Museum in Sapporo Japan. I’m one of only two artists from the U.S. with illustrations in the show. I have to say, I’m pretty humbled by the art work in the show, holy moly! You can check out lots of photos from the show here: DIDO SHOW

Here’s one of the posters I have in the show. Click on MORE to see the other illustrations I have in the exhibit and some more photos from the show.


Illustrations by Miho Muroi, Marina Abe and Tawashi.

Illustrations by Marty Ito, one of my favorite illustrators ever.


An illustration by Alina Chau.

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This is SOOOOO cool!
Completely awesome.
I am very proud of you my friend.


Hey thanks man.

This is Wonderful. Simply wonderful. I am just smiling from ear to ear with pride for you. Most sincere congratulations.

Nice work, Utter Puffs is my fav.
I love teh euphoric look on his face as well as teh dangling utters. I would have never put the two concepts together.

Fantastic work in a great show Bryan. Good job!
(and when you go over to view in person, can I be your valet?) ..

..always wanted to be big in Japan… 😉

I really like the lighting in the pantelope one. That moon is something else, my friend.

Doug, thanks man, I really appreciate it.

Tim, yeah, that one might be favorite too. Mmmmm, puffs.

Yance, we’ll both go over for the LORAM show.

Cole, you would know about glowing moons in the background, no doubt!

Woah man this is the 1st time that im looking on your works
and they are AWESOME!
i really like the pantelope, its so beautifull and cute 😛
Your works are making me smile 😀

Keep on Good Work! 😀

Thanks Jassy, you made my day!

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