Elephant Glass

Just cuz, I decided to render out my elephant teapot out of glass and a more simple ceramic. No real reason really, other than I wanted to know how to render glass and simple ceramic better. There’s a nifty little vid of it below.

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if i had this i would drink tea every day. (i would also put egg drop soup in it so it sometimes looked like he had a bad cold when I poured it out.)

This A_MAAAA_ZING! How did…..? What do…. ? Do you….? Ah, never mind, I’ll just enjoy. Spectacular!

Whoa! That’s sweet! Loving the glass texture.

He seems to be saying, “What are you lookin’ at?” in a somewhat worried tone.

Lee Ann and Doug, minestrone wouldn’t be much better really.

Marion, ha, thanks! It’s all just caustic photons and refractions really. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jimi, thanks! That’s the expression I see in the mirror every day.

I drink tea almost everyday anyway. And I love the teapot I already own. And I’m trying to stop buying more stuff.

But I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it was actually available.

this is awesome!

Tyson, I hope some day to figure out a way to make these things, thanks for the encouragment.

Colleen, Hey thanks! If I hadn’t had to monkey with caustics for class I probably never would have tried this. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mannnnnnn! that on my coffe table would kick some serious @$$!!!!!
it’s so cool!

Thanks Bruna!

Dang that’s sweet. And yeah, go ahead and put my order for one in too! (er…how much are those things?)

Depends on whether you go for the diamond, cubic zirconia, or lucite.

Wow. This looks sooo real!! That`s amazing.

Hey thanks Cristina, it took me a bit to get the look just right. And I just noticed an upside down smiley face in the reflection, well whattya know.

That is the most awesome thing I’ve seen! There it is – the perfect Christmas Gift! Ho, I’d buy it in a second. A Glass Elephant รก la Bryan. You should definitely get it made for real.

Thanks Mette! So where does one get glass figurines made?

Dude, that is a freakin’ sweet teapot! Where can I get one?

Dude, I wish I knew! Maybe I should start researching how something like this could get made huh?

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