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Here’s some work I did for one of the recent VeggieTales dvds. I did all the illustrations for the little stick puppets.

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I love your stick puppet theater pieces. Bravo sir. Bravo.

That looks fun.

Thanks Doug. I have to say, they are about the most fun freelance work I’ve ever had.

Tyson, thanks man!

Wow, that was just, as they say in the old country, Neato Kazeato…they look really great in context. What’s the video title?

It got a hamster. What else can you wish for…?
really funny video! and funny draw-psicles!!!!

Adam, thanks buddy, the title of the vid is “Lessons From the Sock Drawer”

Bruna, I knew you’d appreciate the hamster!

Where’s the Apostle Paul? He was a Christian, right?

Yes, but Christians are never funny.

Hey, Lessons from the Sock Drawer came out a while back. But I saw the stick theater thing on JellyTelly, the one with the robot and bunny. That was very funny.

Thanks Manny. I did the art for the robot and bunny one too, but I’ve never seen the final! I need to get a copy of that.

It is on I it was on one of the posts the from either today, yesterday, or the day before. I can’t remember. Yeah, it costs to get on JellyTelly but, you can get a trial month for free. The site is still in it’s beta stages.

Love this! That is one cute hamster. Are there other stick puppet videos, Bryan?

Hey Mary, thanks! Yes, there are more, I’ll post some more in the near future!

Super sweet Bryan! Poor beautiful chicken with his nugget transformation…

And we all know how painful that can be.

Hey, JellyTelly is now free!

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