Tilt my San, Shift my Diego

Jumping on the tilt-shift train, here’s a photo I took in San Diego.

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This kind of photography freaks me out.

Awesome stuff!

Brian, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Scott, thanks buddy!

what’s tilt shift?

This is beautiful. I love the colors and the view.

Colleen, Tilt Shift is where you adjust the focus to mimic mininature set photography. It’s really pretty fun.

Joshwick, thanks man.

This is an awesome pic, Tilt Shift is definitely the bomb.

Thank you sir! Yeah, you should give it a try!

Hey, so do you have the fancy lens, or did you just ‘shop it?

Usually, in general, I am a fancy person. But this time I just pshoppied it.

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