Tilt and chug.

Here’s my first water bottle design from the series I’m currently working on. Hopefully it’s a design that will encourage you to take a swig.

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Love it… I’ll take a whole case thank you.

Dude, that rocks.

Thanks guys. I’ll be posting more soon.

I would drink from that.

I’ll buy a round! Love it!

Hey dude, This is rockin, can’t wait to see more!!!

love the bots. I can’t wait til’ these come out. I will be on the hunt for these babies. I can’t wait. What a pick me up for such a turdpedo type of day. I absolutely love this pattern. So proud.

I want a t-shirt! Very cool design.

Joshwick, thanks buddy! The designs are for refillable water bottles, so if you buy one, you’ll get as many rounds as you want!

Lee Ann, thanks! That means a lot coming from someone who’s so awesome at patterns and textile designs etc. You made my day.

Doug, sorry bout the turdpedo day, that’s been my week unfortunately. Thanks for pick me up comments tho!

Lea, you know, that would make a fun t-shirt! Hmmmmm.

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