Do Robots Drink Electric Tea?

 A new bottle design, nice and fresh, just the way you like them.

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I like this even better than the last one!

Thanks Tyson. I hope ze client does as well!

you and vanhoozer…robots, robots, robots… Aren’t we headed towards skynet fast enough as it is?… sheesh… 😉

r*o*b*o*t*s a*r*e t*h*e f*u*t*u*r*e

I like this one even better than the last one too!!!
your robots are awesome. I tried to do a bunch of them, but managed only 2 types. it’s hard
to create lots of forms for them… 🙁
ps. LMAO about Tim’s comment!!! headed towards skynet!! LOL!!!
skynet must be frantic desperate now that John Connor turned out to be Freakin’BATMAN!! XD
so don’t despair Tim, we’ve got Batman on our side! 😉

Thanks Bruna! Robots are just so fun to draw. Almost as fun as dogs!

These are the bomb. I love robotz.

Hey Darah, thanks! I like robots too. Especially horsie robots with space cowboys.

love this one as well. it has your fun feel to it. The last piece was a bit more serious… which is not a bad thing in the slightest. I love them both. Never break up the set!!!

I have a couple more robotishy ones in a similar vein that are kind of in between those two. Hopefully I’ll be able to post them soon.

Us robots appreciate you promoting our kind in this fashion.
Oh, and your drawings rock.


You can never have enough robots. These look cool in the bluey color palette.

thanks J and J!

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