Mist, ice, and Figbert makes three

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Oh wow, this is so cool and somewhat eerie! Looks like a world I would be most comfortable in.

I do love this picture and would love to paint it, or something similar. How bout I just take your good idea and plagarise it? hahahaa…..ehhhhh. No really. I like the background especially( so serene) totally opposite of what is happening with the energy in the front!!!

I can almost hear Figbert from here huffing in the morning mist. Great story shot.

Jimi, well, this was taken in Huntington!

Jody, yeah, it’s a cool combination/tension huh? Luck o’ the snap.

Doug, you nailed it. Figgy is a huffer.

Run Figgy, Ruuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!
ps.I talked to Merrill the other day by msn, but the connection failed after a few minutes…:(

Man, your photos are always so striking. Photography could definitely be a second career option for you.

Hey thanks Bruna and Jim. I actually may have licensed my first photo for a book cover!

Congrats man! I hope we get to see it when it gets published.

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