Just Walk Away

One more bottle design, for those you keeping track at home.

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On the bottle, won’t they look like they are walking TOWARDS each other, ready for an (awkward) embrace?

I like the drawing of this almost as much as the blue robots. Blue robots is still my favorite but these birds are pretty darned cool looking. I see the dot at the end of the beaks as an indication of them whistling… which makes me love it even more.

i just realized my rss feed hasn’t been picking up your new posts! so much fun stuff here i’ve been missing. loved seeing your art in veggietales stick form!

Brian, yes, until you turned the bottle some, and then they’d be walking away again. And then back again. and then away again.

Doug, thanks buddy.

Well booger snots, Mike! Is it working now? I wonder if there’s something wrong with my feed.

I am one of those people keeping track at home. And I need to have all of these bottles, because they are awesome.

Thanks Jimi!

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