earth shattering

We don’t have sandy beaches around here, just mud ones. But they can make for some really cool pictures if you just look down. I have a bunch more I’ll post soon. Click on it for the bigger version, it looks much better.


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That’s beautiful!

Hey, thanks Jody!

Wow, Brian – that’s a really cool photograph!

Holy cow! I can’t believe I spelled your name wrong! As soon as I hit ‘submit’ I realized the error of my ways, fell to my knees, and screamed “Noooooo!”, but none of that helped.

So, my apologies. I am an idiot.

Thanks Tison. 🙂 No worries on the name, it gets spelled wrong almost every day.

His name is really Brain but he doesn’t like to brag.

Wow! it looks like it should be a texture for something…

woah. that’s pretty cool!

Wow, that is really cool. Definitely one of your most interesting shots. My hat is off to you.

That looks very cool, Bryan. Looks like that nut hit the ground with an enormous force!
also reminds me of the burning bush-image. The Burning Nut.

Andrew, I was thinking the same thing…
Mike, thanks man!
Joshwick, thanks dude. I didn’t know your hat even came off.
Muffin, It does look like a nut impact crater. Or a burning nut.

Just found this. Love it.

Thanks Lane!

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