Dragon along

This fearsome fellow was done for The League of Robots and Monsters.  I’m including some sketches and other making of stuff.

First comes the sketch. I was going for a vile and ferocious beast, with just a hint of reptilian sophistication.

Next I started modeling him in 3d based on the aforementioned sketch. A simple sketch begets a simple model. Who’d have thunk it?

Now I am by no means a very good UV mapper. And I find the process tedious and frankly, repulsive. But I have to say, I do think the UV map for this guy turned out pretty good. UV mapping is the process where you basically peel the model apart like in taxidermy, so the 3d program knows where to put the textures. It is both gruesome and bothersome.

As you can see, I then can use it as a guide when painting in the textures.

And here’s the final dragon. I have decided to name him Turnip. There are more plans for this fellow, hopefully I’ll get to them sometime.

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Love. This.

Awesome, Bryan! I love the texture on his snout.

I like him! It kind of looks like he’s about to sneeze. Love the colors too.

Love it, Bryan. And I also love the League of Robots and Monsters – great idea! Very cool work! You and your pals are so prolific. Agree-love the texture on the snout and the subtle different shade there.

Thanks D, J, H, and M!

i want to take him home.

Mike, he might follow you home someday,you never know!

really cool! I love the teeth! charming teeth! 🙂

love it. how grand a result. So fun your 3-d work turns out. Friendly I would call it.

thanks Bruna and Doug. He just wants to light your bbq.

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