Of Monkeez and Melonz

Here’s some illustration work I did for an animated segment that aired on JellyTelly.  Click MORE for more illustrations and a video exerpt.  Wheeeee!

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too cool, man. What program are you animating in?

Thanks Kevan! This was animated in Maya, although I didn’t do the animation on this piece, just the illustrations.

Very cool, Bryan! I just love your linework. 🙂 But hey – whats up with the swedish flag? ;P Do norwegian next time!

The client wanted the illustration Swedish! Next time Norwegian for sure. Blikk!

I have to say that is a fine representation of Sweden. I love the Popsicle stick puppet theater.

Thanks Casey! Am I sensing some sort of competitive nature between Norway and Sweden???



I love your monkey man. I have been working many years in the hopes that I can open my own brew pub, the name is going to be monkey related and I just happened across your drawing. I am a normal dude, no money other than my small savings and retirement funds that I will be withdrawing in order to “go for it” on the pub, I’d really like to use your monkey (with a few changes…like a beer in one hand (something like that)…..I don’t want to infringe on your work, I can’t offer anything, but once I am up and running I’d be more than happy to give you drinks on the house.

Do you have any thoughts on that?

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