Fat Cats

Here’s some work I did for a commercial for the National Association of Broadcasters. I’ll post the actual animated commercial (animated by the fabulous Paul Griswold) after it’s actually aired, as well as some of the illustrations I did for the print campaign.

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Love these! Rich palette and texture. Cool character. Great stuff!

Thanks Marion!

OMG!!!! so MANY posts!!!!!! YAY!
your colors are full of awesomenessneszzz*! (*fully awesome)
the second image is my favourite. that’s some fat cat alright.

Hi Bryan~~

Your websites are addicting! ~~ I love the drawings, I love the prints, but OMG… Tusky and the penguin are just too cool (literally ;o)!

I also love the vintage style sites like ‘luncheon meats’, LOL! The luncheon meats site cracked me up not just because of the content, but also because “Lunchmeat” is one of my dogs names :-O !!

I know you’re incredibly busy right now, but when you get a chance 😀 … I was curious if Tusky and his penguin buddy would ever be available on the t-shirts you sell?

And (back to Tusky & pal).. have you ever considered allowing those 3D creations you make into computer backgrounds that we can purchase for our computer screens? How awesome would it be to log on and have Tusky & buddy as a background! If Cafepress doesn’t handle the purchasing use of backgrounds (they probably do) maybe you could install a Paypal button? 😀

Yeahm I know — too many questions. …But I seriously love Tusky & Penguin and really hope that they’re added to the store items (shirts, backscreens, tote bags, etc….)


sherry in anchorage~~~~~~

Thanks Bruna!

Hey Sherry, thanks for visiting my site! Next time I get the chance to update cafepress I’ll try and put some Tusky merch up there. The backgrounds thing is a great idea, I’ll look into that too!

Thank you Bryan!

Tusky & his buddy on shirts, computer wallpaper, and other merchandise would be so incredible!

~~ :o)

Love the fatcat, very cool!

Most of your drawings have that sketchy texture on the characters and backgrounds, … I really like that. It gives them a very unique look. I was wondering your method for creating that. Brush pen, or do you just do it on the computer?

Also I’ve been having a problem subscribing to your RSS feed. Safari says it can’t download it. Is there something else I have to do to subscribe? Just wondering.

Hey Chris, thanks! If you click on the RSS icon, not the text, it should work. the path is https://www.breadwig.com/feed/rss I need to fix it so he text link works too.

I do all my line work with sharpie markers or primsacolor brush pens. For the scratchboard look of the stuff like the fatcats, I do that in photoshop with a custom brush. The textures are usually scanned in and added in photoshop.

Thanks, Bryan. I got the feed working now.

Yes, it was the scratchy inking effect I was referring to. I thought that you did it all by hand,… it looks so random sometimes. Probably a good time-saver using a photoshop brush.

Well, it is still technically all by hand as I did it with wacom tablet and scratched it all away, bits at a time. By hand, digitally I guess.

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