Where the Wild Things Are: Part Half Deux

Here’s my second Where The Wild Things Are tribute illustration for Terrible Yellow Eyes. If you scroll down a tad, there’s another process vid. If you watch it on Vimeo it’s even in HD! Oooooooo. (It really does look much better watching it there.)


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I don’t know wich monster is more adorable…
this is one of your best artworks. I can’t get enough of it.
oh. boy.

I love this! They feel like old world medical drawings of the creatures & I like your color harmony. 🙂

Bruna, thanks! Makes me want to do a whole comic book in this style. Hmmmmm.

Sarah, Hey, thanks for the comments! Yeah, I was going for some really old/aged looking illustrations!

You have me completely hooked on your work method. I am fascinated, and so wish I could sit next to you and see how you achieve it all in real time.
‘Digital’ is still like magic to me, but I am exploring it slowly, and hope to find my own working method in time.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Hey June! When I get a new computer it’ll be fast enough to actually record a whole illustration in real time, I’m planning on doing that, should be fun. I actually have a bunch of different digital techniques I use, depending on the illustration. In fact, I make up new ones all the time. The possiblities are endless. One of my favorite things to do is be part of an illustration group (like Drawergeeks), and then force myself to come up with an entirely new technique or look for each assignment.

man. i can’t believe you have done two when i haven’t even had time to do one. i need to get to it!

(oh yeah. this is awsome.)

Wow, I loved the last one you put up, and this one’s even better. Moishe is seriously amazing!

Thanks Mike. Yours was outta sight!

Hey Jesse, thanks bud. Moishe is probably my favorite as well.

Those are really amazing…yhey have a perfect where the wild things are feel, but they still really have your style mixed in.

Thanks Pete! That’s what I was hoping for!

Really great work my favourate book and your artwork does it justice.

awesome drawing

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