Tails of the Fat Cat Video

Here it is finally! My friend Paul Griswold and I got to work together on this spot for the National Association of Broadcasters. Paul did all the animation and I did the art work. It was super fun to work with him and the good folks at Brunner Digital.

Also, here’s the two print ads I did for the campaign.

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That is nice work my friend!


Wow! Dees es very nice.

this is so awesome, bryan! video AND comics!!! and for a great cause too. 🙂

Ho Baby. This is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Love your visual storytelling.

Bryan, I love the comics and the video – it’s so cool to see you 2d stuff move! ‘want more! : ) – Henk

Hey Paul told me he was working with you on something a while back, cool!

Hey Thanks you guys! Especially you Hedo. I do really hope to work with Paul G. on some future projects (a music video perhaps???).

That was awesome! I’m going to support the Recording industry just so you have to make more ads.

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