Tv in Me-First five pages. In order even!

I thought I’d post the first 5 pages together, easier to read that way. Just hit the MORE link to see ’em all.

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Great stuff. Can I make critical comments? If so, I don’t like the narrative font.

Hey CB, thanks! I’ll play around with the fonts some.

aawwwww… That was sad. Poor Berkeley 🙁

Awesome work.


Thanks Chris. Don’t Worry, Berk will have his day in sun, one way or another.

Billy Pooter…love him

Reading this on the heels of your first-ever Facebook poem. Somehow they have mingled in my mind and I am reminded of “A Confederacy of Dunces,” and strongly so. Have you read it?

Anyhow, go Berkeley!

Thanks Sharon!

Lane, I have not read that, but now I see I clearly must.

These are great! I think if Berkely Walnut was in a commercial for vegetarian tacos, I would definitely buy them.

Pretty sweet!

So beautiful I could cry.

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