Fable is Famous!

I just got copies of the book of short stories by Canadian author Terry Griggs, Quickening. I did the photo for the cover, and it looks great! Of course, it’s a picture of Fable, so how could it not?  You can read more about the book here:  QUICKENING


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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I have always thought that this photo was one of my very favorites and now it is famous. You sir, have such a touch as a visual storyteller. Congratulations… and Congrats to Fable too.

Thanks Doug! It’s easy when you have a such good photogenic beastie posing for you. 🙂

Nice picture!! What a beautiful dog you have,… and such a nice pose too!

I haven’t read much of Terry Griggs’ stuff,.. I’ll have to check it out being a fellow Canadian and all.

Cognrats with the cover photo! That is awesome. 🙂 Fable looks stunning as always.

Super star Fable!!!!!!!!! Fable will take over the world soon! Books, comics, photos, and who knows… movies!!!!

Awesome cover!

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