Thor has a glass jaw.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any 3d work, so this is what you’ll have to settle for. I took a 3d model I’d made from a few years back and starting playing around with some caustics. I’ve got some more versions of Thor I’ll post here soon. Click MORE for the original sketch and some close ups.
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why isnt this a 20 feet installation in a supermarket? I’d go there every day!

you really make me wanna learn how to make 3D illustrations.

a 20 feet installation would really kick some serious @ss!!!!
I love the colors, the green glass with the yelowwish iron, really cool combination. and sparkly! đŸ˜€

Thanks Muffin and Bruna! Hey, do you two know each other? If not you should, you’re both two of my favorite artists!

have you figured out light-emiting HDRIs yet? That and caustics; you should post a render of that.

I’ve always said you had a caustic personality

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