3D or not 3D, that is the question

I’m trying to decide if I want to make this little guy in 3D. Any encouragement to do so? Or should I just leave him in his expressive, but flat existence?


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I’m sure he would loove to be able to stand sideways and not look like a leaf. He has his pride.

i’m not sure what this guy is but i’d always like to see more 3d from you.

I think you need to make him in 3D. Possibly as a glass and metal sculpture in the park?

With your awesome 3D skill, I’d say that he deserves the freedom of the third dimension. And, plus, the little guy looks really cool! (Doing him in metal or glass could be good, or maybe put him in the WILD jungle, he has that crazy Amazon look in his eye.)

In 3d he shall be! I love the idea of making him out of glass and metal.

3D would be super cool. Looking forward to seeing it.

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