Frank and Stein

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Great piece! Love the rich washy background – the palette, in general. And, of course, the characters!

Hey thanks Marion! I was trying something a little different technique wise on this one. A mix of painter, photoshop, and a scanned piece of paper I found in a junk yard.

Great piece of work! I love the blue here and there! I will not doubt that when I am bored or unhappy this week, I will get a mental picture of this (especially, Frank in a flower shirt), and laugh hysterically.

Mmh, that made me hungry. I think I’m a Stein kind of guy, I like quantity. Well, sometimes I do at least.

Btw – I love it when you talk norwegian, Bryan. ;D Det gjør dagen min litt bedre hver gang.


Thanks Manny! Everyone should own a flowered shirt.

Muffin, pate le slop is hard to turn down no doubt. Og hvis min fryktelig nordmann lager en dag klar, oppvarter hoo!

Thanks Mike. I did a really weird frankensteinesque cow sketch recently. I need to dig that up and send it to you.

Bryan, your colors and textures are always outstanding!

This looks really cool, I like everything about it.

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