I can’t seem to stop making Frankenstein pigs! Anyway, I decided to model up this guy in 3d. I think he’d make a swell toy.  Click on MORE for some “making of” stuff.

Here’s the original drawing.  I changed him a little in the move to 3d, but hopefully kept his character and charm and wit.

Here’s the unsmoothed model. I kept it pretty simple, just like me!

Here’s the smoothed model. Don’t you just want to squeak his nose?

Here’s his texture map. I wanted him to have a nice Frankensteinian green, and yet also retain some piggy pink.

And here’s the final image again. Wheeee!

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For some reason this makes me wonder what frankenbacon would taste like. Is that so wrong?

Oh, how I would love to have this as a squeaky toy. Your design is so fun.

You definitely kept the charm, but I’m not sure about the wit. “WIT” is not a character trait I would use to describe this guy.

Yance, hotdogs are kind of like frankenbacon…

Doug, the question is, would Daisy like to have a frankenpig squeaky toy?

Brian how about focus? Did I keep his focus?

i need a toy of this now.

Hey, cool. Which program do you use,… I thought it was Maya, but I’m not sure. I think this would make a great squeaky toy!!

Hey Mike, once my toy designs hit the big time you’ll be the first to know! 🙂

Chris, I did indeed use Maya. Rendered with Mental Ray.

I like using maya for 3D, although I haven’t used it since version 5. Of all the 3D packages I’ve tried, Maya is the one I prefer. I’d like to get back to using it one of these days.

Hah! I would love to see some short animations with the little guy. He would be an awesome toy! Bryan, he looks like he is REALLY focusing. And I agree, hotdogs are the Frankenbacon.

I want him as a toy! 😀

By the way, Bryan, I am learning Maya, did you use polygonal surfaces to model him?

Muffin, some day, mark my words, some day!

Manny, yep, I used polygons to model most of him. His eyes and eyelids are nurbs though.

wish i lived closer, if so i’d force you to teach me 3D! I love how you do it. 🙂
I used to not like 3D at all until I saw your stuff, Bryan.

perfect toy for halloween! 😀
what about a Vampig?!! 😉
that would be cool in your pencils/3d!

Muffin, if you’re ever in Indiana for 4 months, you could take on of my 3d classes! You’d be great at it.
Bruna, yes, a Vampig!

Between this one and the “teeth” contributions, I’m getting hungrier by the minute. I love this…his expression is so spot-on. I would buy hundreds of squeaky toys.

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