Good for gnawing on stufffff.




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Them’s some dang fine teefs ya have there!

Biting artistic commentary. Are your creatures bi-molar?

You have the gift of “funny drawing”. Ward Kimball had it, Teddy Newton has it. It’s that rare gift of just sketching off something that just comes off funny and original. The drawing itself, without motion or color, entertains.
I bask in the glow of your awesomeness.

Me and my teeth thank you!

Wowsers those are some (hilarious) and huge teef! Does their insurance cover a basic cleaning of ALL their teeth?

… And Bryan, do you use a drawing tablet for sketches like these? If so, would mind sharing what kind? Thanks, I’m just trying to learn from the people, I think, are the best.

Hey Manny, I actually drew all of these with a sharpie pen on post it note paper. 🙂

Wow, and you just scanned it? What about the one with color? Sorry, I’m becoming annoying… I’ll stop now.

Annoying? Not at all! I love sharing and talking about illustration stuff. The color one was just colored and textured in Photoshop.

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