By the glow of the mighty cane…

Merry Xmas everyone one.

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Hey, love it! Now listen: your RSS button is funky. I click it and nuthin happens. paste into google reader and it doesn’t like that. Is this some form of test?

Hey, thanks JP. Huh. Try this for the RSS:

Ah, ok. Thanks!

merry christmas, bryan! may all your candy cane wishes come true.

Merry Christmas, Bryan. Hope you have a good one!! ;o)

Ha! Merry Christmas, your artwork never fails to Make me laugh. Everyone knows, that the in the original text of the Bible, the words didn’t translate, “glowing star above Bethlehem,” it actually translated to “glowing candy cane above Behtlehem.”

On a side note, Santa with his big beard looks a lot like Gandalf leading the Fellowship of the Ring, over the Pass of Cahadras, and through the Mines of Moria.

Thanks Mike, Chris, and Manny! Manny, I hope some day to do a Gandalf illustration, good call.

Dude! That would be sweet!

I love the colors! Santa looks so disgruntled…I’m imagining him to be lost and trying to find his way back to the Mrs.

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