Igor’s Mighty Hand

+ © owned by Saputo Bakery, Inc.

While I didn’t do the animation here, I did design, model and create this character and background. Igor was a monkey shill for a line Canadian simian shaped muffins.  I thought it’d be fun to put the song “This Hand is a Mighty Hand” by Hoots and Hellmouth” to it.

Here’s the original packaging. Apparently it’s illegal to market monkey muffins to children under 13, so they had to pull the product from the shelves.


+ © owned by Saputo Bakery, Inc.

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Nothing works better to bring your mood up than a little monkey dancing.

By the way, who would want a monkey shaped muffin mold? Could you imagine eating monkey shaped muffins, that’s just cruel…

Manny, I agree. I just updated the post with some more information about the product…

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