Pug Progression

My friend Mindi asked if I ever drew pugs. I realized no, I had never drawn a pug. So I started drawing some. Here is my first pug sketch. Pretty standard. Kind of boring. But drawing things more representationally at first helps me figure out what is defining about it. If that makes any sense.



“I need to Breadwiggify this”, I thought to myself in quotation marks. So  I drew this one.


That looked better, but I wanted to push it further, so I tried making the legs just sort of hang off the frong of him. I also gave him burger bun lips.


I need to loosen up, I thought without quotation marks. So I tried drawing him quicker, looser, more slobbery.


That led to this drawing, where he’s getting nice and lumpy/foldy. Kind of like poorly mashed potatoes in your laundry.


And here’s the final drawing I did. I think he’s cute in a weird puggy kind of way.


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DUDE! My favorite dog is a PUG! I’m glad to see your take on it. Nice and lumpy, foldy, and sort of offcenter… beautiful. I especially like the mashed potatoes in the laundry pic! Nice and slobbery!

haha, burger bun lips! beautiful!

You know, that first pug has a ‘breadwiggy’ undercurrent which I find more satisfying (as a viewer).

Manny, yeah, pugs are so funny. They also have very funny personalities.

Jeremy, yes, burger bun lips, put them on all your characters!

JP, you know, sometimes I like drawing more like that, especially when I’m sketching from real life. Perhaps I’ll try more!

Amazing. fantastic. I so want to be like you when I grow up.

Love your Pugs!!

~ your friend Mindi

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