I finally got around to coloring these old Frankenstein Elephant rejects last night. Click more for a little step by stepperino action.


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I think the middle guy died when his lips got stuck on the side of his head. At least that’s my unexpert postmortem analysis.

Yeah. And he has a cigarette. Dead people with ATTITUDE. Very nice, as usual.

and papers, and colors, and pencils… sighhhhhh*
awesome artwork!

Jen and Manny, side lips and smoking are actually not bad for you if you’re already dead.

Bruna, ha! All of the textures are based on one piece of old paper I scanned in. I drew the original drawing with a sharpie on post it note paper, and then the rest is all digital tomfoolery. 🙂

I love your cartoon pictures.
it’s cute and ironic.

hope u don’t mind if i save it to my computer 🙂


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