New Lucky illos!

The publisher added a few new illustrations to the second printing of the book I illustrated “Happy Go Lucky” Here are a few of them.

My friend and faithful assistant Jeremy Knoll did the faboo modeling of the car which I then textured and lit.

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I should get you to texture and light more of my stuff…looking nice.

i love how your digital work looks like you just sculpted really cool stuff with play-doh.

Seriously, they DO look like they were sculpted with play-doh. It gives everything a nice round look. Both pics look amazingly, awesome, especially for a kids book. Well, I’ve had my dose of odd cuteness for the day.

Yeah,… I like that too, …the “sculpted” look. I’d love to know what kind of shader you used. I assume you used Maya for this? Really wonderful.

Thanks guys. Pretty much I just used MIA shaders for everything. I adjusted the glossiness and roughness, etc. until I got the look I wanted. For the shiny parts of the car I used mental ray car paint shaders and the MIA shader chrome preset.

just beautiful work. your colors are so lush and your characters are the most fun.

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