Beware the deadly stare of a stalking giant canary.

Just a word to the wise.

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AWESOME! Love the background stuff!

Great work sir. I too love the background stuff. You are indeed the man.

Wow this looks so good. Did you color it in painter? The paint on the head looks especially awesome.

Thanks guys! Colleen, I did color it in painter. Then textured it in Photoshop. I tried the Sarah Mensinga method of painting in the values first then the colors.

he looks kinda pissed. I think someone stole his turkeyloaf.

Ugh! I wish somebody had told be to steer clear of The Canaries before…Oh, the pain.

Cole, have you ever had canaryloaf? Mmmmm.
Manny, Giant Canaries are more vicious than you’d think.

Hey! I discovered your blog today through the LCS. Your stuff is really cool. Thanks for blogging, I’ll visit from now on:)

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