Woodcut Easter Illustration

This is based on sketch that I did in church on Easter. This is a little different than most of my work. I recorded myself making it, so you can watch the whole thing being created in the included video. Watch it full screen and let me know what you think.

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you dont have a sketch your working on top of? your working in purely negative space?

that’s good stuff right there…thanks for sharing the whole thing

Jeremy, I have a very very faint sketch underneath that I’m using as a guide.

Tim, thanks buddy!

really really nice. Lee Ann told me to check this out when I came home tonight. Boy howdy was she right on the button.

Yikes! that’s awesome. Digging those lovely gnarly textures- pretty mesmerising video- what’s the music?

Thanks Guys! The music is by a band called Winter Hymn Country Hymn. Wonderful stuff.

this is SUPER great!!

UGH! I wish I could watch videos on my internet! Anyway, that picture is really awesome. Like a delicious blend of TIm Burton’s wiry style, and your awesome textures.

I love it!!!! awesome artwork!

LOVE the music you set your video to – how very cool! 🙂 e

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