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Hey, so like, yeah. Anyway, this is cool. Some of my illustrations got featured in a new book out about illustration called Drawing Inspiration.  I’m also quoted in it blathering on about color theory type stuff.  It’s written by Michael Fleishman who’s previously written my favorite all time book on illustration Exploring Illustration.  Anyway, check out the book it’s chock full of illustrator goodness.

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I am so happy for you and proud of you. Congrats, man. Way to go.

yay bryan! do you have a copy of this book?? if you do, you should bring it to class. and mayhaps Exploring Illustration. These sound like supremely phenomenal books.

Thanks Doug!

Cole, ya, I’ll bring ’em in.

This is awesome, Bryan!

Thanks sis!

You is clever! I don’t understand any of that stuff! congrats on the book! (have you every wished there was puncuation mark somewhere between a period and an exclamation point?)

wait- this is out now? i should blog about it too….

how cool that we are FINALLY in the same book!

JP, when in doubt, use an umlaut.

Mike, you should! And yesssss! We are finally in the same book! Hopefully the first of many. 🙂

Wow, Nice work Bryan!!!!!I will have to check out said book!

I’m almost done reading it, and it’s GREAT! You would definitely diggit Jody.

Wow, Bryan! Congratulations! These are such beautiful pieces too. Fantastic!

Thanks Marion. If you get a chance to check out the book, I highly recommend it, it’s really fascinating.

Absolutely! Will do! This is so impressive. And not the least bit surprising. Must be a great couple of books. I’m really looking forward to seeing them now.

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