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OK – this time I laughed out loud. Love the whole series though….and your versatility!

hahaha, your elephants are looking less and less like elephants. 😉 I love the trunks you are drawing. The remind me of robot arms, capable of doing anything.

Thanks Marion!

Patrick, Oh no you didn’t.

Mette,elephants are in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

Ooh, that’s a comeback.

Dude, this is just plain awesome. I am posting my response as we speak. Really love the texture and the selective minimization of the features.

In response to my last response, all I have to say is “duh.” But lovely elephants, nonetheless.

Tim, NICE!

Adam, thanks buddy!

Okay, Cole’s hillbilly one is really great. And so is this one. All the rest are stiff competition though.

I just stumbled across your site looking for fun line drawings, and I LOVE your drawings! I love how the banner changes at the top all the time, with so many fun creatures. I just love your drawing style, every drawing has such personality. I will be checking back often for inspiration. 🙂

Manny, yeah, I had no idea so many folks would be inspired by an elephant topic. I’ve got more coming soon too! Wheeeeeee…

Carrie, thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate all your kind words.

War of L-phants!!!! uhuuu!! XD

This one is one of my favorites. I think it would also be awesome in 3D. (Why, yes, that is kind of a request for the band, yes, why do you ask?)

Loved the elephant showdown. Very cool.

Thanks Bruna! The battle shall continue.

Tyson, your request has been noted and shall be added to a to do list forthwith.

Patrick, I am requesting a follow up picture of what happens after the bird starts peckin’ the phant. Actually, that would make a great off Broadway production, “Peckin’ the Phant” starring Charles Nelson Reilly and James Edward Olmos.

the painted elephant is grand. love the textures. so descriptive almost carving the planes of the screen.

This is awesome. I want that hat. Now!

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