a beaky jig

Most people don’t know it, but birds can flat out dance.

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Very cool, is that second one doing a move from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? Is this the next round of the bird pics, or, did not enough people hop on?

Hey Manny, draw more birds if you’ve a mind to!

shake it work it move it

Course I will! Birds have a deep legacy in my brain-pan!

Just for you guys, I added the music that they’re dancing to.

They are dancing so hard I could already hear the music in my brain -but it was more like hard house music.

Isn’t Baby Gramps house hard music?

Personally, I like the one on the far right. He seems dumbfounded that he could actually dance on one leg. Or maybe he’s just afraid he’ll fall over.

Do they do Bar Mitzvahs?

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