I did some more illustrations and cartoons for the latest What’s in the Bible DVD. Specifically for the story of Ruth! Super fun as always.  Also I’ve included a few illustrations that didn’t make it into the final. See if you can guess where they might have gone!

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Oh my gosh! This is wonderful, hilarious and so much fun! What a great project! Luv, luv, luv yer stuff!

how fun, bryan! 😀 I love it, your style is perfect for cut out popsicle theater like this. 😉 loved it.

I absolutely love it. Love the bus, love the cow, the goat, the mother in law, the love story, the bits of grain, Moab, the singing, the cherubs, the iguana, the trek to Israel, all of it.

Thanks you guys! Really means a lot to me.

Looks like more Pablo the Storytelling Mule stuff, (I think thats what it was called.) That’s kinda funny that I just finished reading Mr. Vischer’s blog post about that DVD. Your works fits greatly with his stuff.

Your pictures and and videos are very fantastic and still educational
ROFL, keep up the good work!!! O_O

that’s good stuff right there my friend. Nice work.

This is SO fun!!! Really amazing!! Your work shines!! And I love the humor they used…SEE, learning the Bible can be cool!!:)

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