Banjo Piggin’

I have a bunch more banjo playing pigs I’ll be posting soon. My daughter and I drew a whole bunch. Once you start…

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What’s he lookin so worried about?

Left handed banjo. Impressive! He needs to jam with Banjobot.

Hey man. It’s been awhile. I hope he doesn’t have to squeal like a pig.

He’s worried about getting crumpled up again.

Banjobot is banjeriffic! Let’s start a band!

Hey Jim, it has been awhile. I hope you’re doing well man, I gotta go scope out your blog now.

Hey, it’s a Dueling Banjo Pig! Awesome!!

Why is this funny? Because its a constipated PIG playing the BANGO!

It is! I was going to submit it, but I’ve got a bunch of them I’m working on and wanted to send the best one!

So how does he play with those hooves? Isn’t there an OT prohibition against mixing the banjo with pork?

is the pig playing left handed? if so, interesting… I like it. would be interesting to introduce a violin bow ala jimmy page the way he is hunched over like that. Seems naturatl

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