Banjo Piggin 2

Yep, it’s digital.

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Slide banjo playin’ piggy. I dig it.

I love his face whiskers. Nice… By the way, when uploading designs to CafePress, do you use .GIF files to keep a transparent background?

Ward Kimball, of the Nine Old Men, was always revered for his “funny drawings”. He could create a quick little sketch, and it would be amusing just because of the way he drew. Kind of the way I revere your work.

Thanks guys! It means a lot to me when artists who are better than I am have kind words to say. Manny, I’ve used PNG files with transparency with Cafepress in the past.

Thanks, because GIF images don’t always look as good as JPEGs, thankfully right now I’m using high enough resolution for the GIFs to look good. And dito on the revering business, just the way you draw stuff is humorous.

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