Banjo Piggin 4

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He’s GREAT! So animated! I can hear it.

Thanks Marion!

Good colours, I like the torn paper, what paper is that..?

Thanks JJ! I made that paper by soaking various pieces of ripped paper in coffee and slapping them onto another piece of paper and then baking it in the oven.

Neat idea and it’s so pig-complementary! I need to get rolling on making some textures. Or maybe just try painting with real paints again… hmm… 🙂

I draw with real sharpie markers, does that count? 🙂

Love the texture background. It appears he is shredding the banjo so well that he has shredded the cardboard he is floating upon. He has a nice sunset look too.

This is a disturbing image- as his melodious happiness contrasts with the precipice of doom on the right.

A Banjo. A Pig. A Destiny.

I just thought I’d go ahead and write the tag for the movie poster, just in case.

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