Merry Breadwig Xmas

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Season’s Greeting to you too!!!

haha! I like him! Love the detail on the banjo.

And this little piggy cranked on the ol’ banjo…. great piece man… great great piece.

Paddle faster! I hear banjo music!

Looks like an old deering banjo i once played.Still looking for Mr. Pluck? Nice to see pork chop has all his teeth and a tenor banjo.classic!Best wishes this season !

Banjo pigs have banjoed themselves into amazing three dimensions? Very coooool and the pink shadow is neato. And Merry Christmas to you too!

I love this guy. Every time I visit your site, I wish I knew 3D. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Thanks all my good friends. I hope your holidays were awesome.

That’s really cool, Brian. What 3D software do you use?

Thanks Chris, this was done using Maya.

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