Which Insect Band Do You Like Better?

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Bryan, both are wonderful but I love the first one the most! Fun illustration and I would pay a lot of money to see insect band numero uno.

I like the top one best. I like the texture, the different sizes of the bugs and the whole design. Very fun!

Bryan- My favorite’s the top one, too. For a musical illustration, it seems to have more energy–and I’d expect an insect band to have a buzzy kind of energy. But I’ve got to know: hand-done or digital?

Oh man. I waffled on this for a while. I dig the scratchiness of the first one, but love the textures in the second. I also love the beetle xylophone in the second, but I think the first one wins out because its craziness feels more engaging ^_^

I like the top one better, but I think it might have more to do with the composition than approach.

Thanks friends! Brian, both are completely digital, all done in Photoshop.

This took about 16 seconds: It’s clearly the first one for me; the second seems to be a “second thought.” I am attracted to the strong lines and design of #1. You are too, yes?

hmm.. the digital woodcut is definitely a great look (learned that technique in class from some wacky prof i had back in college). i also love the energy in the 1st one. but then again, the textures in the 2nd one are super sweet.. my favorite thing of all is the beetle xylophone.. maybe that could sneak it’s way into the top piece..

darn it that 2nd one just looks like it came out of a children’s book though (one that would sell a quarter million copies too).. major dilemma in my brain right now.. this is what i get for staying up too late on a school night and catching up on my twitter feed

I like them both, but I like the top illustration more. I think it appeals to me because there is more variation between the three band members. It gives each more “character.”

I like the second one because the bug is playing on an instrument made of other bugs. That is so cute.

I’m stuck. The first one has all of your Breadwig goodness. But the second does have a soft children’s book look. I also like the green guy on the right side of the top one. But the eye’s of the green guy on the second one get me. Second wins for me.

Thanks for all this great feedback!

DEF The top one, such great texture,and the characters are more approachable.

Totally the first one.

I think the first one…. but I totes love the second one too though.

Yeah, I like the first one. I think the delicate interior squiggles and the chunky, bold delineating lines contrast each other really well, compounded by the their value contrasts, making them really pop out. Something about their shapes, their twisted and angular depiction, even the setting, remind me of carved Tiki gods, like in that Brady Bunch episode. Yeah, the squiggles remind me of the texture of lava rock. The lower image ends up seeming a little too puffy and marshmallowy in comparison.

I like this one the best. Really enjoyed the dog scetches

I like the first one!

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