Breadwig Tattoo!

Stine from Norway just got a tattoo of one of my cartoon dinosaurs and sent me a picture. I think it looks great!

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So awesome!

That is freakin’ great. What an accolade.

Yeah, I totally diggit.

That is so very cool, Bryan. What a tip of the hat!

Yep, I am honored for sure!

I love this! Best.Tattoo.Ever

Great?!! or bloomin’ amazing!!!??? XD


Wow! That’s true love for your art, huh? The tattoo looks great even.

Hey ! would you mind if i got a few of your dinosaurs tattooed as well ? I’ve been wanting too ever since i found this website… (: ??

You bet! All I ask is that you send me pictures of them after you get them done.

I got one of your dinosaurs tattooed on my back, and i plan on getting another (: Ill send you a picture as soon as i figure out how! lol(:

Please do! That’s awesome Aileen, can’t wait to see it!

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