Zombie Chickens

I’m working on a comic story and yep, it’s got zombie chickens in it. Here’s a few┬áinitial sketches.

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I’m a lover of all things zombie. Thus, loving this zombie chickens.
Deadly, scarily and equally hilarious! well done, sir!
undead aviary masterpiece! xD

Scared silly! These are great!

Thanks Bruna and Marion. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more zombie chickens soon!


Beautimus! Have you noticed that some of your most bizarre drawings have some sorta constant, dancing rhythm to them. Its almost like there is a music track to all of your drawings, and we just see the sweet poses of your mind’s inhabitants…its a weird thought, I know.

Thanks Pam and Manny. Manny, that’s an awesome thought actually!

Mwhaha! Love the zombie chickens! And it is true. totally look like they’re boogying unbidden to some irresistible beat!

The question is, who is the chicken zombie piper?

Worst thing is if you take out their heads they still keep coming? ­čśë

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