To celebrate the new breadwig.com design (which is basically just a much simpler/cleaner version of the old breadwig.com), I decided to do an illustration of one of my favorite cartoon characters.  Click on VIEW FULL POST to see how I made it


First I started with the linework. Drawn with an ultra-fine point sharpie on copier paper, no pencil drawing first.

Then I blocked in the color with a simple flat brush in photoshop.

I wanted it to look much more painterly, so I took the mixer brush tool with a customized natural brush to smear around the colors.

Next I added adjusted the colors and added some texture. I created the texture by staining some paper with some coffee, stepping on it and then putting it in the oven for awhile.

Finally I added the line work back in over the top.  I also made it colored instead of just black and white.

And here’s the final again. I was happy with how undigital it looks.





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I always like when you do this style. There’s so much story in this, Popeye’s gradual addiction to spinach, his transition to the harder stuff like kale and cabbage, all leading to this moment of self discovery.

Nice new website design! Cool image too. Yay Popeye! Yay spinach! Thanks for the helpful step-by-step. Trying to make things uncomputery is my goal too. 🙂

Nice colors 🙂

Very cool new site design and drawing. Love the house, it reminds me of the Grim Reaper drawing, but Popeye makes everything better. By the way, I love the drop down boxes on the top and the favicon. Did you script this site or use a site builder?

Thanks friends! Manny, my site is made using wordpress, along with a theme called ProPhoto that I customized.

You are one funny guy! Thanks for the lesson. Popeye piece does not look digital at all. Manny mentioned “The Grim Reaper” Is that the one where the reaper is picking up dog poop? That was the best!! Did you ever send it into “Bark” magazine. It should be published.

Thanks Judy! Yep, that’s the grim reaper illustration. I don’t think I’m familiar with Bark magazine, mayhap I should check it out!

Would I love to take a class from you…in Vermont of course.

Lew, only if I could take a class from you in return!

I really love your works i wish you could print your pictures on bags and iPad covers because I would really like see your drawings on them. I love this site!! I just discovered it awhile ago! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Thanks Isa!

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