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Love your drawings!! And I find your 3D experiments very cool and inspiring.
You should check out 3dcoat. : > I do somewhat similar stuff in 3D, naive cartoon messy weird stuff, and I export simple junky geometry to 3dcoat, voxelize it, maybe mess with it, and then reexport it back to Maya with a ton of poly-reduction. The details of the voxel object are kept pretty well cuz it’s got a smart poly-red, uses polys where most needed. This kind of modeling works really fast and really well. You get much more interesting geometry, it subdivides well, etc. Can be rigged and animated too (despite the crazy topology, if it’s dense and even enough. In fact, some of your models are much more dense, so you’d get a better poly-distribution). You can use the demo btw and don’t need to buy the software. 😉 Just “export UVs”. Also, you can draw voxels in 3dcoat and do all kinds of insane stuff, I think you’d love it. It’s a very artist friendly tool and workflow. :} Cheers!

Hey thanks man! I really really like your 3d work too. The look you’re getting out of 3d coat is fascinating. I am going to have to try it for sure! Thanks for the heads up dude.

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