decisions decisions

This is an oldie, but I still kinda like it.  Actually done in Softimage!  Yeah, you heard me.

Scwewy Wabbitz

I've been drawing a boat load of rabbits lately, for many reasons, including doing a drawing session with some grade and middle schoolers, as well as working on a freelance webisode project starring a bunny. Anyway, here's one, with many more to come.

Foaming Care Squares

This is my very first try at a live action short film. It was inspired by the short film Sour Death Balls by Jessica Yu. This was for a former student who had to leave the college, so I had her classmates give her well wishes. But first they had to eat this awesome candy...

The Princess and the P.

For the latest Drawergeeks. Click the image for a bigger version. Click "more" for a little step by step. (more…)

With apologies to Carrie Fisher.

I've been working on the latest Drawergeeks, here's an initial character sketch.    

Work of my students

We just made a blog for the work of a bunch of my students. Check it out, and leave a few comments if'n ya want!    

Za in your pocket

Convenience trumps all.  

protein foam

I can't think of any food that isn't better foamed from a can.  

Provincial Wits

Sorry about the blog lag. I've been jammin' to get my Captain Clod comic done for Parable.  And now it's finished!  Whew. I'll be showing some of the finished panels this week. Just a peek. Peek Week.  Wheeeee! Here's a close up so you can see the paint texture which will probably never be visible...

Captain Clod’s Cape-Updated

Here's the final painting for this panel. (more…)

Old Spaghetti

Well, the Old Spaghetti Factory that is. This is a freelance job I did recently. It's a menu cover for the Old Spaghetti Factory chain of restaurants. Click on "more" for a little making of info. (more…)

Captain A-Okay.

Here's my take on good Ol' Cap. Just posted to this meme.  I tried a new technique here where I layered a bunch of newspaper scans in photoshop and slowly unpainted the Capless parts.  Read on for some nifty process stuff. Here's some close up images of the illustration so you can see all the layering...


Dogs and Robots, two of my favorite things. No, no, that's not my third favorite thing. Keep reading for sketches, models and process. First the sketch. Yeah, I know, me no sketch too good. But it gets the idea across and let's me know where I want to go, instead of letting the computer push...

Cocoa Indifference

As promised here's a little of my process from another illustration I did for the children's book Hot Chocolate for Sale. Click the orange "more". (more…)

Piggie goes Grrrrr

For the latest Drawergeeks. The topic was "Grrrrr Face". So naturally I thought of a pig.  Click on "more" for some nifty making of stuff, including the super exciting piggie grrr face sketch!     (more…)

Supergirl is smokin’

I orginally did this for Drawergeeks, but I didn't love the way I'd painted it, so I repainted it in honor of Dean Trippe's Supergirl thread. Click the image for a nice purty big version.