Sat. Morn NBC Wheeeeeeee!

Hey, I did all the artwork/characters and models for the Mr. Lunt's Popsicle Stick Theater segment of VeggieTales airing on NBC Saturday morning at 10:00. If you get a chance take a gander this weekend. Here's some of the characters I did for this week's episode. The idea behind these is that Mr. Lunt has...

Robot Birdie

I created this for a digital illustration awards contest. Here's some of the process I used to create RoBird. First a little sketch action. I was going for that classic "friendly, deadly, and dazed" look that is all the rage with the kids nowdays. (more…)

I, I, I don’t know.

Recently, after showing my wife one of my strange little drawings (not this one), she said "Don't you ever want to draw something beautiful?"   


Assuming they're not all vegetarians, and assuming they can't really cook much under water, then I think mermaids, just like the rest of us, probably just snack on whatever floats by.   

Oooooh, the cute little duckies.

  These are some illustrations I did recently for a math book for HoughtonMifflin.       (more…)

Frenetic Sketching

I've been trying to follow the flow of where my sketching direction seems to be going. The line quality actually reminds me a little of early Charles Shultz. While I think the well was running dry the last few decades, I still absolutely love early Peanuts. Great stuff.    

more furrowage

I'm still playing around with this new doodling direction. Sometimes I wonder if I am too scattered with my art work. I love to play around and try new techniques (which computer graphics is so great at facilitating). But then I look at my work and think, man, you are one inconsistent dude. Will I...

Hardened Sarge

This was done for the last Drawergeeks assignment which was Sgt. Rock. I have no idea what I was thinking here, it just sort of happened.  


Some recent sketches, playing around with a newish direction in worried characters.    

Pantys Fants


Pantelope character designs, etc. Part 1

I did a bunch of character designs and a couple illustrations for, and since none of them got used (at least not yet anyways) I thought I should put them here for the general edification of humanity.    (more…)

Doodle Pig

Just a sharpie doodle from a meeting a few days ago.    

The True Church of Elvis

I thought I'd do a stained glass version of Elvis. Why? No, no, no. Why not? (more…)


In the past I hadn't given Corel Painter's new watercolor brushes much of a chance. Since they're so much slower than the digital watercolor brushes, I never used them much. But then I decided, eh, why not do a whole illustration with them, see what happens. So, I took a quick sketch that I'd done in Alias...

like daughter, like father

So, I've got this great freelance job designing some minor characters for an animated tv show that I can't tell you about. Anyway, I've been having a lot of fun drawing these characters, not only because drawing this way is my favorite way to doodle, but also because as I've been sitting down at the...

What’s that thing doing here?

Here's my version of Benjamin J. Grimm (of The Fantastic Four Fame). He's my favorite, cuz he's done made with rocks. I like rocks.  Keep scrolling, cuz I gots me sum step by steppage comin' right after! ___________________________________________________________________ (more…)