It’s best not to think about it.

If someone would pay me, I would gladly come up with new food product ideas all day. Seriously. And yet the offers. They do not come...    

Iron Boy

Here's another illustration from Drawer Geeks. The assignment was Iron Man. I ended up doing an Iron Boy, cuz I thought it would be nifty. Here he is, followed by some of the process I used to create him. (more…)

Don’t chu be messin’

Another t-shirt design for Pantelope.     

Here. It’s an elephant.

A recent sketch from my sketchbook. Well not really from my sketchbook, as I rarely keep a real sketchbook. I do most of my doodling on post-it notes with sharpie markers. But "a recent sketch from a crumpled post-it note" just doesn't sound as impressive.    


This week on Drawergeeks, I got to pick the assignment! So I chose my all time favorite superhero, Chickenman. Jeezum Crow, did the drawergeeks ever rock the house on this one, wow. So, here's my Chickenman, and some step by step stuff on how I created him. (more…)

Ze trough, she goes on forever.

A simple cartoon that expresses the longing in each and every one of our hearts...    

There’s folly on the floor.

Another post of a cartoon of an obscure bible verse. Ze dog, he is so happy to be coming back...    

Mmmmm beans.

This was also a T-Shirt Design done for  The assignment was to do a piece of limited color art that expressed not only the "essence" of the human condition, but delve down into the very heart of what it is to live in a socio/economical/political environment such as those that are. And look at the pretty, limited...

The Last Cow

I've been working on some new t-shirts for Here's a couple different designs. She may not be the first cow, but she will always be The Last Cow.      


This was our last assignment on Here's some of the steps I used to create this: (more…)

The new, the improved, well… the different

I thought I'd start off the new Breadwig blog with a cartoon that kind of started it all. My original concept for Breadwig was a place where I could post my cartoons based on obscure Bible verses, so here's the first one.